Aircraft maintenance oversight

The commercial aviation sector is well known as a high-end market for advanced technology and development; this brings many levels of engineering complexity resulting in maintenance costs as well as mandatory regulation to ensure safety.
Aviation Consultations. is engaged in the technical management of commercial aircraft providing professional technical services to airline operators and aircraft owners. This process involves several skill sets ranging from project management, commercial awareness and of course aircraft engineering expertise, this includes
Continuing Airworthiness Management,
Maintenance planning and oversight
Arranging for maintenance, overhaul and repair work necessary to maintain the Aircraft in an airworthy condition Our key strength in this area is the ability to effectively manage the maintenance activities with suitable MRO.
Arranging for all necessary maintenance records and related log books and manuals to be kept in accordance with the requirements of the state of registry of the Aircraft. We have a vast team of experts with a wide range of experience and our revolving group of specialists provides valuable input for specific service requirements for our

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